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Lockdown: Stand Alone

A VR horror/action game with a 10-hour campaign. Available now on Steam.

Step inside one of the most atmospheric and challenging VR games to date. Lockdown: Stand Alone has been praised for it’s weapon mechanics, large levels and apocalyptic atmosphere.

VRDOC – Dynamic Occlusion Culling

A Dynamic occlusion culling tool which brings the performance in your Unity projects to another level.

VRDOC is a Dynamic Occlusion System designed from the ground up for VR designed to replace the Unity built-in Umbra occlusion culling system.

Ridiculously amazing

Unity should buy this stuff from those guys and somehow incorporate in Unity itself. Not only it works, but it works extremely well. I was going out of my mind with the native occlusion culling from Unity until I stumbled on this. If you are developing a game for VR it is a must buy.

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